Recognised by NCTE ( File no. F.NRC/ NCTE/ F-3 /UP-1207 / 895 B.ed)
Recognised by NCTE ( File no. NRC/ NCTE/ Recognition / NRCAPP-10215/ D.EL.ED Dated 06/12/16)

About Us

The Delhi College of studies is an academic institution set up after series of dialogues, interactions & consultations with top class academicians, intellectuals, business and technology professionals. We work for your future academic advancement and professional success.

we have taken full advantage of the modern education technologies and the internet to bring a unique opportunity to you for professional development. Hence, we help our students in discovering their inner interest level so that they could have whatever their dreamed off. We are very quality conscious & this is the reason that Institution is striving for education by providing first hand information. College Campus is equipped with Wifi & 24 Hour electricity.

The professional courses offered candidates you take up challenging position and world wide as every country has now become a global village.

The student who enter the portals this college are trained in such a manner that they can adapt to any corporate sector or institution of higher learning.

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